The Team

Marisa Agrasut

From a rich creative background, Marisa’s work focuses on design and innovation leadership. Her path began as an industrial designer. Using her deep understanding of design as a strategic tool..

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Padmakshi Rana 


With an MBA, MPhil and PhD, Padmakshi has over 10 years researching, understanding and consulting at the intersection of business innovation and sustainability..

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Anna Itkin PhD

Anna has been focusing on collaboration and problem solving for the past 19 years. An experienced researcher and a sustainability-oriented innovation practitioner, Anna flourishes on solving challenges.

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Drawing on expertise and experience across both innovation and sustainability

We celebrate diversity

In fact, we see it as a key strength. We see the chances to expand understanding and consciousness through exchanging and sharing our broad knowledge and view points. 

We see ourselves as b-school meets d-school and everything else in between.

This type of interdisciplinary, cross-functional approach, viewing the world with such perspectives is how we believe we can solve problems and create change that is effective. What brings us together is a passion for innovation with positive purpose; through the medium of business and collaboration.

Our collaborative practice consists of consultants - thinkers and do-ers - who are knowledgeable and passionate about positive purpose.  We are driven by the belief that doing business need not be a compromise between profit and social and environmental benefit. Our objective is to ingrain the coexistence of the three into an everyday business practice.​

CULTIVATING a practice


inspiring and supporting 

organisations to be agents of change.

We possess the key qualities required for innovation. The ability to balance or hold the polar opposites principles within the range of thinking and belief system so that prejudice, excessive doubt or at the other end of the scale - delusionment from reality, do not hinder such endeavours; constantly shifting along that as complexity arises.  

Incept [in·sept


1. To begin; start; commence.

2. British - the act of graduating or earning a university degree, usually a master's or doctor's degree, especially at Cambridge University.

3. In science fiction - the act of instilling an idea into someone's mind by entering his or her dreams.


4. To plant an idea, sow seeds, or lay groundwork - particularly in the context of the future.

(The Urban Dictionary)

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