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The Forgotten Half of Change

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Hosted by Edenspiekermann Singapore - as part of TomorrowToday.

The second in the series of talks and invited by Edo Van Dijk - CEO and Creative Director, Marisa shared what her definition of meaningful change is as a creative 'without a craft'. Though she began her path as a designer, very early on, she realised that she could have broader and greater impact without pigeon holing herself. This has opened the space for seeding and designing all manner of things from brands to systems to processes to business models.

The title of the talk was inspired by a book of the same title written by Luc de Brabandere of BCG (Boston Consulting Group) where he explains that there are two aspects of change necessary for success - both reality AND perception.

Whilst many organisations position themselves to focus specifically on one or the other - Marisa shared how focusing on both these aspects of change led much greater meaning and impact in her work - as well as how important and key this was for the Inceptery. Within #innovation, there is often a focus on changing reality, but as most innovation practitioners will know, more often than not, the greater part of the challenge is altering perception.

The informal session was held at The Co @ Duxton and her fellow guest for the evening was Ivonne Bojoh - Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer, GoBear.

Photo courtesy of Edenspiekermann_Singapore.

We wish to thank Edo, his team at Edenspiekermann, The Co @ Duxton and the attendees for the chance to share at this wonderful event.

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