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  • Marisa

The Sustainability Startup Series | Unspun

Many of us are aware of the challenges within the fashion industry.

As a result of ever expanding fast fashion, the business model of garment production, consumption and waste generated have reached unprecedented scale and with that, negative environmental and social impacts. While some old ideas are being revived – slow fashion model, resale of second hand garments and material recycling - it falls short of transforming the industry that emits 1.7 billion tons of CO2 per year.

Anna had an insightful conversation with one of the most forward looking tech companies that focuses on redefining the fashion industry. Unspun is what’s called a radical innovation company where a cross-disciplinary approach drives cutting edge innovation and collaborative mutual empowerment between traditional silos.

If you are curious to know how a fashion brand can learn from Tesla; What does blockchain technology have to do with jeans; and how a small start-up planning to conquer the world of fashion while reducing global emissions by 1%, tune into this friendly conversation with Walden Lam, the co-founder of Unspun.

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