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Find out in this short but informative video by a fellow sustainability professional Piya Kerdlap.

The world of sustainability is complex, full of tensions for solutions and often seemingly hard-to-measure factors. Bringing a degree of quantitative measurement is where lifecycle assessments can help illustrate the fuller impact of products, services and businesses.

Industrial symbiosis is one emerging solution that is slowly but surely taking off in countries such as China and South Africa but to name a few.

Find out more in the video.

Piya won this competition by explaining these in under three minutes.

Piya has previously worked as a consultant in the clean energy industry and is currently conducting research for his PhD with NUS, in the development of analytical tools for measuring the environmental and financial performance of industrial symbiosis exchanges using a lifecycle engineering approach.

His research is intended to support stakeholders in strategy and planning for achieving a zero waste manufacturing ecosystem in Singapore.

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