Expertise, experience, passion - science, innovation, sustainability

Anna Itkin

Cofounder & CEO

Anna has spent nearly two decades at the vanguard of scientific research and innovation in both academia and industry. Her hunger to blend scientific principals, progressive ideas and business has led Anna across four continents, stopping off at some of the world's foremost academic institutions and organisations.

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Marisa Agrasut

Cofounder & Chief Innovation Officer

As a practitioner, facilitator and enabler, for the last 18 years, Marisa has been working with teams helping them understand, apply and leverage tools, frameworks and methodologies to optimise value creation. From consulting to co-creating, working with Fortune 500 companies ..

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Rana PhD

Cofounder, Sustainable manufacturing & business models

With an MBA, MPhil and PhD, Padmakshi has over 10 years researching, understanding and consulting at the intersection of business innovation and sustainability.

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Suzanne Van DeN Briel

Food Innovation

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Fashion Supply Chain & Digital

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Christian Schumacher

People and Organisational Development

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UX Designer

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Prof. JeFF Obard

Climate change science, renewable energy and technology

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GHG and energy management 

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Sustainability Marketing & Communications

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Joachim Jake LaYES

Sustainability, Innovation & Impact Strategy

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Principle Consultant, Design & Innovation

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Humanity centric. Planet restorative. Future visioned.

We celebrate diversity and multidisciplinary ways of working. With distributed cognitive diversity we see strength and awareness. We see the chances to expand understanding and consciousness through exchanging and sharing our broad knowledge and viewpoints. 

We see ourselves as b-school meets d-school and everything else in between.


This type of interdisciplinary, cross-functional approach, viewing the world with such perspectives is how we believe we can solve problems and create change that is effective. What brings us together is a passion for innovation with positive purpose; through the medium of business and collaboration.

CULTIVATING a practice


inspiring and supporting 

organisations to be agents of change.

Incept [in·sept


1. To begin; start; commence.

2. British - the act of graduating or earning a university degree, usually a master's or doctor's degree, especially at Cambridge University.

3. In science fiction - the act of instilling an idea into someone's mind by entering his or her dreams. (

4. To plant an idea, sow seeds, or lay groundwork - particularly in the context of the future. (The Urban Dictionary)

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